We, standing in Shanghai expanding worldwide, research, develop, manufacture, market all natural ingredients to food industries like instant food, condiment, pet food, bakery, food supplements, functional food, and even food&beverage. Our mission is to bring to food industry as much natural ingredients as we can to be surprising replacers of additives and agents.

Drying Solution

  • Air Dried

    Dehydrate under a constant stream of warm air until the moisture content is reduced.

  • Freeze Dried

    Freeze the material reducing surrounding pressure to allow frozen water in the material to sublimate directly from the solid phase to gas phase.

  • Extract

    Extract products' chemical constituents out of their inert herb fibres using a natural solvent

Custom Solution

  • Customize Products & Package

    We can blend spices,dry vegetables (or soup mix), seasonings. With customized package from 2 gram to 1 ton you would always find the optimal package among sachet, bottle, carton and tote.