It all starts from farm, aims at fork. Our farm director has rich experience to work with large-scale and modern-technology growers by providing training, suggesting, and other inputs to make sure incoming materials comply with the highest standards control at our processing plant.
  • GMP & CERT

    We have been involved in the systematic preventative programme called Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) which is forming us to cope with physical, chemical and the biological hazards through out the whole flowchart as a means of prevention rather than relying on final inspection. We are a good student scored in Grade A in BRC certification too. Besides we are also proud to be affiliated with Sedex, Kosher, Halal association.

    Based in Shanghai yet we value ourselves as a great competitor and challenger among all world-renowned plants of dry ingredients, A unique steam sterilization line imported from France has been introduced and installed that is using a continuous dry steam application for microbiological reduction, and so makes us one of few suppliers in our country who can offer extra low bacterial in a clean way instead of irradiation.

    Every year there is a big budget for qualification. All our products are sent for a thorough test before we develop to market with basic microbiology done at our lab and other micro, pesticide residue, heavy metal etc executed in a 3rd-party lab like SGS.